Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Soccer Coach

Yep, just call me "coach!"
Mark has had so much fun with this...
"COACH do you need a ball COACH?
COACH what else can I do?
What's the game plan COACH?
Good game COACH!"
It's endless...

We only have eight games, two a week, so it's a short "season,"
but it's been so much fun to play OUTSIDE!

Porter and some of his soccer buddies



Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bowling Bash!

Porter Bright and Early, (bedhead and all) April 19, 2010
So excited to be five!

We had his party almost a month later,
mainly because I'm a total procrastinator!

Party Details
I can't take much credit for the details...the internet is amazing!
The bowling pin favors were my favorite idea.
Buy a bowling set (cut the bottom and stuff with candy!)
I was cursing the cake this morning while frosting it, but it turned out pretty cute.

Hate bowling shoes on me,
but on five year olds, they don't get much cuter!

Cake and Presents

Love this picture of the all the boys!
They had a blast...thanks Fat Cats!