Sunday, January 27, 2008

Photo Shoot...

I got a new camera yesterday which I love! I am NO photographer, but I do know that this camera is amazing! Today after church we had a little photo shoot with Porter and Claire. And then one of just Claire right before going to bed.

I loved this picture of their eyes. Loved Claire's teeth in this one...which makes for some really fun times nursing!!!

Sitting up like a big girl in her rocking chair.
nigh, night Claire!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christmas 2007!

So really I've been dreading this post, because it's just too much to tell! The short story is we went to Phoenix (loved every second of it...thanks Peter and Amanda) with Mark's family for a week. And then to San Diego for two weeks (also loved this time with my family, obviously). So yes three weeks away from home. It was good to get back (not to the snow, but to life). It's hard living out of a suitcase for so long. There are lots of pictures, so here goes...

BACHELOR Uncle Mike with Claire.
Porter as Joseph, reenacting the nativity. (He wasn't too happy about that band on his took a number of flick threats, before he'd cooperate!) :)
Camryn (angel), Rachael (angel), Zack (one of the sheep), Shannon (Mary) and Porter (Joseph)
The Sunday before Christmas
Christmas Eve PJ's for all the grandkids. Top Emily, Claire, Julianne and Johnny. (all seven weeks apart!) Bottom: all TEN grandkids. (zack, shannon, emily, rachael, claire, porter, lauren, julianne, camryn and johnny) Thanks grandma and grandpa Maughan for the cute pj's!

The three dudes. (johnny, porter and zack)
Seven girly girls (shannon, rachael, emily, claire, julianne, lauren and camryn)
Grandma explaining the Christmas ball.
Dad helping Porter...I swear that he happened to unwrap every single piece of you can tell from his expression in the picture below...he's pretty excited about it. It didn't make the other cousins too happy though!

lining up Christmas morning
Porter's loot!
The little helicopter, and his cars pj's. Seriously everything was cars this year...that made Santa's job easy.
What he's asked for for the last five months! Dinoco Helicopter...thanks Santa! Porter with Shannon and Rachael in Shannon's top bunk! Thanks Shannon for letting Porter steal your bed for a whole week!
Zack, Grandma and Porter
Cute Johnny!

The Arizona Temple. The lights were almost as pretty as Temple Square!
Aunt Kristy making Claire Laugh.

Starts San Diego trip:
Both kids were sick right when we landed! So it made for a couple of hard nights, but this is my Mom's dad. Grandpa Patton!
Grace, Mom, Claire, Heather, Grandpa, Liz, Jennifer and Taylor! (We missed you something awful Jilly-bean!)
Caitlin made Olivia's hair crazy!
Grandpa Patton had a way of making Claire smile. It was probably his VERY loud booming voice.

Porter and Taylor waiting for the Carousel ride.
All alone like a big boy!

Porter, Bailey, Taylor, Olivia, Parker and Grace (in front)
Claire and Porter in the fire engine at UTC mall in San Diego.

YEAH we're done!!

Such a fun trip...