Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Days

I LOVE summer days. It means swimming pools, flower beds, flip flops, shorts, heat, cabin, and good fruit! Here are some of our goings on in the last couple of weeks.

Porter's new little swimming buddy, Violetta.
Swim lessons for the very first time ever!

Practicing floating
Every day for three weeks Claire and I would get in the pool with Porter, but not this day, and she was VERY upset about it.

July 24, waiting to start the parade.
And they're off...
Claire was pretty proud of her big brother, who thought he "winned the race!"
Claire and Jonny (cousin 7 weeks older) on the back of Mark's bike...both really liked it
On her knees, getting dirty. What else does she do??

FAT kid in a LITTLE chair! :)

Daddy and Porter Fishing...didn't catch anything, but the thrill of throwing the line in, is beyond belief.

If she's not crawling in it, she's digging in it!

Happy Summer days!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nature Called...

And we followed! And I'm so glad we did. A good friend has a cabin up past Park City, way in through Weber Canyon. Not only was it beautiful, but She hosted so perfectly. The kids were worn out from dirt, horse riding, horse brushing, horse feeding, dirt, swing rides, picking flowers, playing games and more DIRT. It was a perfect day, one that will hopefully happen again! :)

Claire and I on one of the swings
Where the three horses roam...absolutely beautiful! (really the picture doesn't do the beauty justice.)
Porter feeding Larry some oats
So I was pretty scared in the beginning of the horses power and size, although I can hide it for any camera!
Sophia and Lainey Riding Starfire
Claire thinking she's a cowgirl
Porter and I riding Mandy
Claire riding Mandy. Doesn't it look like she's on that horse all by herself? (Do not report me to Social Services, I'm hiding on the other side!) :)
Honestly Porter could not get enough of these horses!
THE coolest swing I have ever been on. Porter was holding on for dear life!

Thanks Jackson's for such a wonderful day!

Lindsey's Wedding...

Last weekend I flew to Orange County by myself (thanks Mark!) to go to a friend's wedding. We've all stayed in touch since High School, but it's rare when I get to hang out with them, being that I live in UTAH! It was so much fun and almost, just almost I was 17 again! HA.

The whole gang after the ceremony.
Father of the bride. (Our softball coach growing up too!)
The bride and groom...I'm sad I didn't get a picture of just them, but they were way too busy.
Elizabeth, Kim Mckeom, Me and Kim Wood. (THANKS KIM FOR MAKING IT HAPPEN!)
Our dinner table.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Birthday Bash...

We celebrated Claire's birthday on Sunday with both sets of Grandparents. It was fun to have Grandma and Grandpa Riding here, we miss them already!
Claire's Flower Power cake!
Singing happy birthday.
She didn't quite get why she was allowed to go for the cake, but she did go for the biggest piece of candy! (just what I would've done!)
Her fat little fingers couldn't grab enough.
This is her sugar coma face. So happy to have it all to herself.
My kids are so lucky to have such great Grandparents!
Then we took my parents up to the cabin.

Porter filling the cabin with firewood. It really was so cute, he felt he was such a big help..and he was!
On our three minute hike...literally! :)
Indians Paintbrush (is that right dad?)
The beautiful view
Grandma and Claire swinging

Porter loves his daddy. Isn't this the sweetest picture? Love those boys!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th!

So I'm a day late...(almost two), but I love the Fourth of July. We had a fun time at the cabin with family and Porter loved his first experience with fire works!

This is before Claire looked a little white trash from crawling EVERYWHERE. (when is she going to learn to walk so all of her clothes don't get dirty!?)
Grandma and Claire
Claire, Uncle "Sock", Porter and Kimberly
Yes it is 95 degrees outside, and Yes Porter chose to wear those flannel pajamas.

Happy Birthday America...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bear is ONE!

One year down...seventeen to go until Claire Bear is out and on her own. And I'm already dreading it. She has brought so much joy into our family, there are no words to express it. I remember so clearly not wanting another child, not knowing I really could love her as much as I did Porter. How naive!

Some of our favorites about Claire:
-Screams a really loud scream for no reason and anywhere (more of a trademark than a favorite!)
-walks along all the furniture
-laughs with Porter, and just thinks he's the greatest
-loves her mommy (of course) but also LOVES her daddy (thank goodness for those little breaks!)
-loves to have her toes painted
-in general a very happy child

Claire's delivery wasn't bad...3.5 hours and only two pushes! THANKS CLAIRE.
still in the hospital
Our FIRST family photo
Claire's smiling
Claire was one of four cousins born on the Maughan side last summer.
Mommy and Claire
She loves the water
Daddy and Claire

We're so excited for another year of growing and getting to know you! Happy Birthday Love!