Monday, October 12, 2009

What Happens in Vegas...

is NOT staying in Vegas,
at least not this time!

We hit the road to complete another Ragnar Relay.
Kind of crazy when you know what you're getting yourself into,
but they're kind of addicting!
Not to mention we are now Saints and Sinners after completing
both the Wasatch Back (in Utah) and the Vegas Ragnar

Before starting.
Our team name:
The Bald and The Beautiful
(we (the girls) thought it was pretty funny, the balding guys...not so much)

My runs this time were easy, so easy,
(don't hate me van 2!)
I really enjoyed running them! :)
(no throwing up this time around)

Getting Ragnasty in the van...
we even had a pillow intervention!

Yes we got no sleep,
but this time after the race we got to hang out at the pool
(a huge bonus considering it's about 50 degrees in Utah!)

171 miles
Logandale to Las Vegas
29 hours total

I miss you already Ragnar, until next time...