Sunday, April 24, 2011


Claire went to the dentist for the first time.
About the same age as Porter did.
But unlike Porter,
Claire was Cavity FREE
She did a lot better than I thought she would.
Probably because she could watch Rapunzel
while laying down to get her teeth cleaned.

Easter Fun...

This week we've had fun on spring break,
but the kids have been counting down until EASTER!
Lilly's first time to see the easter bunny didn't go quite like this (thank goodness)
But she would NOT let that dumb toy out of her chubby little hands!

Last night Porter and Claire wrote a note to Mr. Bunny.
Porter's reads
please bring porter.
twix and snickers.
not the peanut butter one
not the nut one
the normal one.
love porter.
and my favorite up at the top "tell st. nick I said hi!"
(of course they live close to one another!!)

Claire pretty much just copied Porter's letter word for word...
(good thing too, because they both got twix and snickers)

These morning pictures make me smile!
claire in curlers
morning faces
and just pure joy!

(poor lilly didn't get a basket...
maybe next year bean! :))
Easter Sunday...
Don't they clean up nicely!

Egg hunt at grandma and grandpa's
The egg hunts,
easter bunny,
candy, and
baskets are all fun...
but we also remember the reason we celebrate this funny holiday...
He is RISEN!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Six years ago this morning, Porter Duff Maughan was born!
He made me a mother...
He came out screaming and really didn't stop until he was 6 weeks old.
Needless to say there were lots of days spent in my pajamas
bouncing on huge exercise balls, and lots of tears! :)
It all seems so weird now, because Porter is such a sweet calm loving little boy.
Glad he got it all out in the beginning!
(cute sign made by my MIL)

At 6:15 this morning I was awoken by the sound of wrapping paper!
Porter was sitting in the dark, opening presents all by himself.
(probably a camera happy mom's worst nightmare!)
Little stink...

He did wait to open his BYU football uniform.
We saw it the other week when we were down there, and he begged, begged, begged me for it!
He didn't know I actually got it for him that day.
The next morning he told me that he dreamt he had gotten the uniform for free!
(little did he know...)

He also got a bigGER boy bike.
He was in his uniform and riding his bike almost all day! = successful birthday

So you can tell he loves sports...hence his upcoming birthday party!
(just pray it doesn't rain!!!)

Happy Birthday big boy!
"I love you all the way to mars and around the moon times infinity"

Monday, April 11, 2011


Cousins were in town which made for:
1: lots of fires in the fireplace
2: taking a half hour to bundle up,
but only playing outside for 5 minutes
(at least it made for cute pictures!)

3: discovering new "fun centers"
4: rollerskating for the first time

5: Grandma Diane's sugar cookies...nothing better
6: a visit to BYU
but the best thing about cousins is all the play time!!
Thanks mom and lilly for coming to play
we miss you already...