Monday, April 19, 2010

F-I-V-E today...

This picture I took not three days ago, I swear!

Somewhere along the line Porter thought it was a good idea to keep having these birthdays, and Mark and I are NOT happy about it.

These are just some thoughts and memories I have today about
Porter that I never want to forget...

*Carrying you. I wonder how old I was when my dad stopped carrying me? I don't remember. But I do know it's happening with Porter. How can you hold your child for five years, and then one day say to him "you're too big" or "you're a big boy now" I did carry him the other day and realized this would probably be one of the last! Sad day.

*Learning the "s" sound, makes me happy, but not really because that means you're getting older. I now miss the lisp!

*Porter to his preschool teacher "Did you know that My mommy is almost pregnant"

*"Mommy you are always warm. When you kiss me it makes me feel warm."

*question about how I got pregnant-
Porter - "so, mom, I was put in your tummy just like this baby, when you were sleeping?"
Me- Yes sweetheart! (dreading the day....)

*My favorite is to go in his room when he is sleeping, sort of wake him up and tell him that I love him. For him to half way open his eyes, smile, and then close his eyes again. I hope that it's being stored away in his little brain for later, harder days!

Happy Birthday Mr. Dude!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


A few things about this picture...

1. Who is the monster in this crib? When did Claire grow?
2. Yes, she desperately needs to be put in a big girl bed
(in my defense, she doesn't climb out, so...)
3. How does she sleep like that?
(Giving all of her animals, babies, books and blankets the room? I don't get it)
4. What is better than one sleeping child???

(unless, of course, you have more than two kids!)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dear California Cousins...

We know it was snowing (in APRIL!) last week when you came
but we miss you first thing in the morning...

We miss being silly with you...

We just plain miss you!

Plus our mom's a lot happier when aunt Lizzy is around!
Come back now that the weather is nicer!
We're waiting...

Porter and Claire