Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa Comes to visit!

And wouldn't you know it's our very own Porter! I had the Young Women over tonight for our Christmas Party, and Porter dressed up as Santa. It was so cute, but of course he was a little shy. He eventually would say "HO, HO, HO!"

I had to add these two of Claire and Porter. I thought they were so cute. We were at a friends house for a Christmas Party, and Santa made his presence.

Claire is so cute. I don't know why Santa's glasses are foggy, although it was about 100 degrees. And I wasn't the one in the HOT outfit!!
Porter explaining to Santa that he wants a helicopter (from cars movie) and "little chick!" (also from cars movie) But the funny thing was no one really knew what he was talking about. They thought he wanted a little girl for christmas!! I'm sure he's TWO! but it was pretty funny.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Porter's FIRST Professional Haircut...

And I wasn't that impressed! Especially spending 15 dollars on something it took three minutes to do! He sure had fun though. It's a place called Cookie Cutters, haircuts just for the little ones. (cute name huh?) Inside the salon is obviously all catered to kids. The chairs are airplanes, cars and a firetruck. So naturally Porter loved it. But I've been cutting Porter's hair since he had enough to cut, and if I say so myself, they've all been great...but don't ask Mark! Here are some pictures from the BIG day.

The BEFORE picture..

The airplane he chose to sit in for his haircut. They also put a movie on for the kids, one that they get to choose.

He never complained, just sat there and did exactly what she told him to.

And AFTER...still handsome, but I do like his hair a little bit longer! Good thing his hair grows so fast. (Kind of a cheesey smile!)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Santa Clause is coming to town...

A couple of fun things happened yesterday. First the kids and I went down to the mall to get pictures with Santa Clause. And I kid you NOT that this is the same Santa that we saw two years ago (so this was our third year), when Porter was eight months old! Crazy huh? He must really like his job. He's a good Santa though, I have to say. He's very patient and asked Porter what he wanted for Christmas. You ask what he wants? Anything from the cars movie. Well he pretty much has all the little cars, but he's asking now for the helicopter. (which of course Santa will bring, not only because Porter loves the movie, but I'm kind of a sucker for all cars things too!) Anyway the pictures turned out cuter than I expected, and of course I felt bad taking my own pictures and not buying one of theirs so I got suckered into paying $21 dollars for two 5x7's. Oh well, it's a great memory to have. Then we went Ice Skating for our ward party. They actually had Porter's size, and I was dumb enough to take him on the ice with me. I don't really know what I was thinking, of course he's not going to know what to do. And of course it took me twenty minutes and a broken back later to make one loop! And that was literally when we went out to take his skates off. I took him back on the ice with another little buddy and they just ran with their shoes (porter in slippers (Mark dressed him, figures!) on the ice. Man did they have fun. I have to admit, I did too! The only way to take a two year old ice skating!

I wish that I had the other years pictures available to see..this Santa hasn't aged a day!

Look how tiny those ice skates are!

Porter had to resort to crawling at times because it was just too slippery.

Porter and Noah making ice angels...or attempting to at least.

Poor Claire was NOT ready for this picture at all!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Thanksgiving Trip to San Diego

I don't even know where to begin. We did SO much in two weeks so I'll spare posting ALL the pictures. We got back on Saturday night from two fun weeks in San Diego. We stayed at my parents house (thanks mom and dad, I know it can be really crazy at times) and my whole family was together again for Thanksgiving day at the Petersons! We packed in The Zoo, Sea World, the beach, shopping, manicures and pedicures, seeing some high school friends, runs around the lake, a 30th birthday party, but most of all time with the cousins. Porter had such a great time with all of his cousins (12 of them). There was always something for him to do and someone to play with. He's finally at that age where I can just let him play and not really worry about him until I hear crying...then I have to go investigate. Really it was a great two weeks, and I can't wait for more after Christmas!! (I'm sure my parents can't either...haha)

WARNING: There are a LOT of pictures, mostly for grandma's and grandpa's, but you can enjoy them too! :)

Caitlin, Claire and Porter at Grandma Diane and Grandpa Bob's house.

Madison, Parker, Caitlin and Porter

Elizabeth, Jennifer, Heather, Claire and Me at Heather's house before Jill's surprise 30th Party!!

Jill and Spencer. Spencer is four weeks younger than Claire.

I loved Claire's eyes in this picture. I hope they stay blue, but they'll probably change...

Thanksgiving day at Jennifer's. Me, Liz, Jill, Spencer, and Jenn

Cute Claire.

Grandma Diane

All the guys playing horseshoes on Thanksgiving day. Grandpa Bob, Bart, Rob, Zack, Matt, Mark and Kristian.

Our Navigator at the Zoo.

Right before loading onto the sky tram, which Porter LOVED!

At La Jolla shores eating chicken. Merrick, Jenn, Campbell and Porter.

Love the girl...

You can't really see us, but the beach is beautiful..that's what you get when a stranger takes your picture! :)

This one is out of order, but it's ALL of us at the Zoo. I don't think one person is ready for the picture, but it's fun to see all of us in one shot.

Porter and Campbell at Sea World. They were stragglers behind everyone else.

Porter amazed at Shamu. He literally had his mouth open in a lot of pictures and continued to say "WOW."

It is pretty cool though.

Pet's Rule show at Sea World. Grandma Diane, Olivia, Ethan, Merrick, Campbell and Porter.

Ethan and Porter in the tub at G&G's.

Uncle Zack reading to Taylor, Ethan and Porter.

Cousins at Sea World.

Taylor and Porter. Wow that was a long post..but what a fun trip!

Friday, November 9, 2007


We love when we have people come visit, especially when it's your twin sister!! Liz and Taylor came up last night and stayed until this afternoon. It was a short trip, but so worth the drive...right Liz?! Porter loved every second of it, (except for the occasional bops on the head! :) ) Taylor and Porter never stopped talking, and running around playing. It's fun to watch. A video probably would do this post more justice, but there are only pictures to prove the visit. They went to bed at around 11 PM (they wouldn't stop talking, which was fun to listen to through the monitor) and then of course were up at 7 AM!

Mark watched the kids last night while Liz and I went to Gateway to eat and shop. Then this morning we took the kids to the Zoo. The weather in Utah is GORGEOUS right now. I don't want it to end. Anyway it was a fun couple of days. Thanks Lilly for making the drive.

A serious Love-Hate relationship exists with these two...This is the Love part!
Mid-sentence, makes such a cute picture!?
Sleeping arrangements for the night.
On the computer (Barbie.com, don't tell Mark!)

All Aboard...
Pooped from all the fun.