Monday, August 31, 2009

When it POURS

About a week and a half ago my dad was diagnosed with malignant melanoma.
Stage 1A with a 95% recovery rate.
But still it's scary...
Two days later broke his hip in a bicycle accident.
Once very active, is now confined to a hospital bed for at least the next two months.
He is doing very well, all things considered.
He can get up on his own, which is a miracle a week out.

My dad is literally the greatest man I know.
I'm honored to be his daughter,
to have been there this last weekend to "help"
when he's been "helping" me my whole life!
Wish I were closer!

Needless to say our faith has been tested, and STRENGTHENED!
Thank you for your calls, your prayers and your support.

Really, 10 years?

This was Elizabeth and I our Senior year of High school...

I'm afraid we've changed!

It was so good to see everyone I haven't seen in ten years.
For a moment I wanted to be back to those carefree,
worrying about what outfit I would wear the next day,
A.S.B. working,
playing volleyball,
High School days!

I sort of feel like I'm still that person...
do you ever really "grow-up?"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stitches at two!

Poor Claire fell
(don't ask me how, but Porter was gone, so he's not to blame!)

on the hard wood floor and split her chin open needing stitches!

On the way to the doctor.

In the waiting room
singing twinkle twinkle little star,
running in circles
asking for stickers
and probably bugging people!

waiting for the Dr.
You'd never know she was hurt,
until we had to pin all four limbs down!

her promised ice cream cone at DQ!

somewhere between the ice cream and chocolate
there are SIX stitches!

*(pictures courtesy Mark's cell phone!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why I married Mark...

For this house in Hana, Maui!

Totally kidding, but it is a great perk!
Just spent last week with my sister and her husband here!
(no kids, thanks Paul and Susan!)

Hana Highway
30 miles
such a winding road that it takes two hours!
Walks down to the coconut grove
huge snails
big cows
beautiful coastal walk
the only day we did our hair!

Hamoa Beach
big waves
body surfing (Rob and Mark)
Boogie boarding
(I tried, mark will tell you differently, but I got pounded one two many times)

Bamboo Forest
(Twice because we left grandma's keys on a rock to get in the water! Luckily they were there when I got back!)
Beautiful Waterfall

Seven Pools
Jumping off a Rock
(that I stood on for about an hour the last time I was there and didn't jump)
Great Picnics
Wailua Falls
Snow cones
Walks to Wailua
Rice and Chili bowls
Mark jumped off the highest point (bunny ears)
Signing autographs and taking pictures, people thought he was pretty cool
One guy even took about fifteen pictures of Mark jumping
he said he'd send them to us, so we'll see if he does, and I'll post them when I get them.

Hana Hotel pool
Runs to Hasegawas
Venus Pool

Reading on the deck
Dinner on the deck
Red Sand beach (only one naked girl)
Playing Tennis
Hana Ranch Restaurant

Rested, Relaxed, Rejuvinated...but NOT ready to be back in the
bill paying, diaper changing, husband working
daily grind!