Thursday, August 25, 2011

San Diego

As soon as we moved,
(oh, you didn't know we moved? yes we the beautiful, HOT state of Arizona.
I don't believe that people ever get used to this heat...but we'll save that and the move for another post!)
I packed the Van, again, and drove only 6 hours to San Diego!
(one perk of living in Arizona...only 6 hours to see my family!)

The day after we arrived, where else would we go
but the beach?

How do sand and water entertain for soooo long?
Definitely not complaining!

We grilled hot dogs, made s'mores,
and ate way too many desserts...

Knott's Soak City
was a huge hit!

Knott's Berry Farm
was an even bigger hit!

It tired us ALL out!

Did you know that it's cool to bowl with mustache's?
Well it is...we've got the pictures to prove it!

Dinners at my parents house, Aunt Lilly's,
and JB's...
I was sort of pretending I didn't care how I fit into my jeans! :)

We Love San Diego,
We Love the beach,
We Love Cousins...

Happy BEANday!

July 27, 2011
my little bean turned ONE!

We were in Colorado with Mark's family
and Our Nephew is just two weeks older than Lilly,
So we decided to celebrate both of them at the same time...

It took Lilly all of 30 seconds
before she just started to POUND her cake!
(She really did eat almost every single morsel, in true Maughan fashion)

Oh what would my life be without you...
You are Loved and Cherished beyond measure,
hope you never forget it!

Happy Birthday!!


In July we met Mark's family in Breckenridge, Colorado
For a week of fun...

We rode the gondola up the mountain.
Beautiful views,
we could still see snow!

We hooked ourselves up and did backflip,
after backflip, after backflip,
until we (I) were sick!

We raced down the hill on our sleds,
Porter could've climbed the rock wall ALL day.
(proud momma moment when he reached the top!)

Family pictures

Boat rides.
We couldn't get in the water,
but it was still so much fun to be on a boat
with the wind in our hair!

Hot tubbing

Crafts with the kids.
Making animals out of balloons
Ping pong paddles with balloons
and painting rocks!

Another year of pure fun...
So lucky to be apart of such a wonderful family!
till next year...