Friday, August 22, 2008

Not one, Not two, but THREE

Yes THREE cavities! Yesterday we went to the dentist and found out this horrible news! Porter has no clue, but our wallets sure do! Crazy how much it costs with no dental insurance. (Mark and I have insurance, but for some reason the kids weren't put on it! Now we know!) Porter actually really liked the dentist and was so well behaved. Here are some of highlights of the visit.

I realize this is a pretty good advertisement for Burg Pediatrics...But I have to say they were pretty good if you're looking for a pediatric dentist.
What are you doing to me?
Okay, Tastes like Bubblegum
Are my teeth still there?

So in two weeks we go for all the work...I wonder if he'll still like the dentist after that trip! Hope so, it's amazing what a little laughing gas will do! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Maughan Vacation

Last week we went up to Eden, Utah (about an hour north from Salt Lake) with the whole Maughan family for a little fun...
These are just some of the pictures we took...I couldn't post all 350 of them!

Claire, Grandpa, Emily
Thanks Nana for the rocket...the kids practically wore it out they used it so much.
Of course there was tennis...and of course MARK holds the record for most wins! (here David is lucky to have him on his team!)
Some reading time, way too early in the morning.
All the girls. me, Kristy, Allison, Amber, Amanda backrow- Susan, Maxine
I wish I had the patience to post a progression of pictures when this was taken...there was way too much poking, grabbing and laughing. Peter, David, Mark, Mike backrow- Paul and Scott

At the farm. "hi little cow!"
Porter holding a four month old kitten.

On the tractor. Rachael, Lauren, Porter, Shannon, Camryn and Zach
Tubing at Pineview Reservoir. Seriously haven't had that much fun in a long time!

Jet skiing with our crazy husbands.
A little family photo

Fishing. Paul says he gave up fishing because he couldn't see anymore...I think it's because it's too depressing when you're there for over two hours and you don't catch ONE fish!!!

Porter and Zach.

Porter with his girl cousins...He was loving this!
The pool by our house.
Ten grandkids...why can't they just sit and smile??! Seriously how hard is it?
Johnny, Julianne, Claire and Emily...all within seven weeks of eachother..blah blah blah..I'm sure you're sick of hearing that...and I'm sick of typing it, so this is the last time! :) But so fun!
The whole gang. Why do vacations have to end? It was so fun to be with everyone...until next year!