Saturday, December 4, 2010

Here comes...

Santa Clause!
Lilly wants:
her brother and sister to stay out of her face,
a new binky and
lots and lots of milk.

Claire wants:
a "Repuzzle" (Rapunzel) dress,
(go see the's darling!)
lipstick, bracelets, and
a pillow pet

Porter wants:
Footballs, legos,
Nintendo DS, the Wii,
and a pillow pet.

We'll see if Santa pulls through!

p.s. are your kids as obsessed with pillow pets as mine? why didn't I think of that???

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Name and a Blessing

Since most of Mark's family was in town for Thanksgiving,
we decided to bless Lilly.
We gave her a name, and Mark gave her a sweet father's blessing.

He blessed her with a happy heart,
a strong body,
A love for her siblings,
a love for her mother,
grandparents, and the generations that came before her,

And most importantly He blessed her with a love of the Gospel.
It was a wonderful experience with a wonderful spirit present!

These pictures make me smile!
She is just precious
Mark's sister also blessed her baby Samuel,
by the time we got the two together,
they were NOT happy, they were through with the photo shoot...
and so was I!

and just for fun...this was Claire (5 weeks), on her blessing day, same dress!
(I was nervous it wasn't going to fit, but it was perfect...
and do you remember that hair? oh that hair!!)

Giving Thanks

The Monday (for FHE) before Thanksgiving
we traced Porter and Claire's hands for the tree trunks
cut out leaves and then just let them say what they were thankful for.
I think they turned out pretty cute,
and the kids just loved this...

I love that Porter's is written all by himself.
I also love that he thought of these all by himself.
Jesus, cousins, friends grandma's and grandpa's...
he loves tiss (or tennis) but he loves football most!

Obviously I wrote Claire's for her, but she thought of them!
Some of my favorites are
Jesus statue, nursery, going outside, tuesday's with grandma
and especially her Happiness. So cute!

We had a wonderful thanksgiving with Mark's family...
you know it's a good time when you don't even see your kids for four days straight!

Ballet dance recital

We love watching Claire dance around the house
So you can imagine our excitement and love for her recitals!

(Double click to watch in youtube)

She has four more!