Wednesday, January 19, 2011

christmas 2010

Told you I'd do it...

1. Decorating gingerbread houses
(Claire definitely ate more candy than she put on her house,
and then ate all her candy off of her house the next day,
while porter made sure no one touched his!)
2. Temple Square with
Grandma and Grandpa Maughan

3. Aunt Lilly's house
(Porter loved being with his older cousin, who actually
does play football...Ethan was patient and good while Porter was learning.
This was Mark's DREAM)

4. Hanging with cousins

5. Sunday Before Christmas

(Just for fun...Claire in the same dress that Lillly wore for Christmas)

6. Twister
(pretty fun to watch with little kids!)

7. Bowling

8. Adult Gingerbread houses
So Lilly and I did our house together (which was for sure the best right??) :)
but some weird neighbors chose Jennifer's house (with the black roof)
just kidding, they were all cute. So sad I don't have a picture of Jill's was CRAZY :)

yes we went twice while we were there. Christmas eve (which was CRAZY BUSY)
and new years day (which was like the park all to ourselves!)

11. Gift Exchange
thanks mom and dad for a great tradition
(love that picture of my parents!!)

12. Christmas morning
Mark went crazy with the BYU gear for the kids (glasses, shirts, sippy cups, wall hangings, magnets...etc)
Porter got his Nintendo DS
Claire got her bike
and I got my IPAD
thank you SANTA

one of my favorite myself :)
I want one every year, so I hope the girl is still making them ten years from now!

13. Papa Patton
we love him something terrible!

14. The beach
yes, in January...kind of wish this was my every weekend!

15. Mission Beach


Christmas 2010

How I'd love to post all 208 pictures of Christmas like this...
(if only it were that easy!)
I will break them down...hopefully soon...
possibly before valentines day!
I don't know why it's taken me so long, maybe because these four daily ongoing loves
(well 3 loves)
1. Porter
2. Claire
3. Lilly
4. laundry

What a wonderful Christmas it was...

P.S. this might be our new family game of I spy! ha