Friday, September 26, 2008

A LOT...

has been going on these last couple of weeks and I am just finally able to upload all the FUN we've been having.
First: Claire and I both love the new ipod commercial song- (well really, she likes any music...even my singing!)

Second: Porter is on a new soccer team, and loving every second of it.
Getting lessons from daddy
It doesn't matter if they're on the same team or not...the goal is to GET THE BALL!
On the break a way about to score!

Third: We've had some fun outings with our neighborhood
The group at Silver Lake...the perfect amount of "hiking" for the kiddos.

Then we went to "pick pumpkins" at an orchard in Sandy.
Porter loved the hay ride and the perfect little pumpkin that he found.

Fourth: With all the boxes in our house, what is more fun than making a cardboard house??

Fifth: Porter got his Halloween costume in the mail! Every single morning he asks to put it on.
Buzz lightyear to the rescue...just a little preview for what's to come!

Sixth: We went to see Papa Hanks at Silverado because they were putting on a carnival.
This picture is so sweet, it often brings me to tears. I Love these four more than words!

Claire, like her mom, has a one track mind.
bounce house fun.

Seventh: (I told you a LOT has been going on!) We were up in Logan a couple of weeks ago and able to see Mark's Grandparents grave. It was really beautiful.

P & C's great-great grandparents.
It's all in a name! This is where we got Porter's name, Mark's grandpa. Obviously Porter is very happy with the choice. :)

Yes all of these could've been their own separate posts, but that's too easy...and boring!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's Official....

Our house just went on the market today, and I couldn't be more sad! What a great little first home this has been! We've loved everything about it, from the neighbors, the tree lined streets, and our ward! We'll miss it...

If you want to see more about the house or know of anyone interested go here.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Preschool Starts...

So I'm a little late, but it still needs to be documented. Porter absolutely loves school! The first day he came home he said "Mom, I love school. I wish I could go back!" Which I replied to by saying "Oh mom LOVES school too, and don't you worry there will be LOTS more school days ahead!" What an awesome break!

The first day of school!

Miss Shannon reading

Thursday, September 4, 2008


No kids

Elizabeth and Rob

Wrong directions. We backtracked a lot, which made for a LOT of walking.

Yikes! There are some strange people in New York. Yes this is a man!

US Open. What an experience! Novac Djokavic, Serena Williams, Andy Murray, and...

Roger Federer. So much cooler in person than I can possibly explain!
Killer food.
Spanky's BBQ
Rice to Riches, Pinkberry
Levain Bakery (three pound cookies don't get much better than that!)
My new motto with food!

This is as close as we got to Meredith and Matt.
LIon King


Or "T" for Tiffany's! :)

Yeah for Vacations!