Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy BirthPatrick's Day

Mark turned 31
and we celebrated all things green today

green hootenany
green smoothie
green enchiladas
green beans
green water

As you can see we kind of went overboard on the food coloring.
I think Claire's pee was even green!
Last night as we set the trap in anticipation of the leprechaun's arrival
Porter was so worried that
A. He would really get trapped and how would we really keep him...(I told him in all my years setting this trap i've not once caught him, and if we did we'd return him to his rainbow first thing in the morning!)
B. He would eat all of the other sugar cookies we had sitting on the kitchen counter(I couldn't promise anything...Leprechaun's REALLY like sugar cookies! ha)
C. The trap wouldn't work. "How is this magic marker going to hold up the lid??" (I didn't think he'd analyze it that we reinforced with another magic marker.)
D. The leprechaun is so small how is he going to get up on the counter to get the cookie? (Okay too many questions...if you over analyze it he might not come at all!)
I think he got the point!
To our disappointment the little bugger was too fast!
But he did leave some fun shirts for the kids to wear today to avoid the pinch!

It's fun to have a birthday on the same day as a holiday,
because then you really do have to go ALL OUT!
Happy BirthPatrick's day Duff! xo

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Little Champion...

"A Champion is someone who gets up when he can't!"
-Jack Dempsey

Friday Claire was Knocked down pretty hard...
coming down a hill on her bike (which she had no business coming down, I might add),
but wouldn't you know she got back up!
A little ice, and some Motrin and
She wants to go ride again tomorrow!
'atta girl!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dear Tooth Fairy...

Yesterday my dad pulled my tooth with pliers.
My mom didn't seem to happy about it, but at least she made him sterilize them with a match! I cried only a little bit, and now I can't stop feeling the space my tooth has left.
My parents kept telling me how you'd come during the night.
My mom even bought some silly pillow to put the tooth in.

But I woke up this morning and nothing, nada, zilch.
I'm not sure if I even really believe in you anymore.
My mom said it was probably because so many kids lost teeth yesterday, that you were busy!
My dad said it was the meanest tooth fairy trick in the whole world
(and then he jabbed mom in the side?)
I guess I'll give you one more shot tonight!
Here's to losing teeth...

Love- Porter