Saturday, February 19, 2011

SiX mOnThS oLd...

well, maybe she's almost 7 months, but I'm in denial...

at six months
Miss Lilly
LOVES food, as you can tell,
she weighed 17 lbs. and a bit
(the same as Porter did at three months people...he was a fat kid, but this post is about Lilly!)
28.5 inches
(which means she's out of her baby carrier. good thing my pediatrician read the side of her
car seat or lilly's pigs would still be hanging out over the edge.)

Did we really ever worry about her weight??
So weird to think back on...

Lilly is sprouting her very own teeth.
Two to be exact.
We've had one bite,
but one flick later...
and I'm pretty sure it won't happen again!
Her eyes are still blue!
I wish I knew when Porter and Claire's changed.
I'm pretty sure it was earlier than this...
Genetics is truly amazing, right?
My teacher was right: Two blue eyed people canNOT
have a brown eyed baby, but two brown eyed people can have a
blue eyed baby. Lilly is proof!!

These pictures were all taken today,
because as I changed her diaper and grabbed her thighs (don't you want to too?) they were soft, and fat, and kicking, and rolly-polly, and she was using her voice...a high pitched slightly annoying voice, and she was raising her head trying to see me, because she does not like to be flat on her back (the bumbo is my best friend these days, and hers!), and I realized, like I do every day with her that she will only be this way for a little while and I wanted to document this very normal every day occurrence before it becomes not such a normal every day occurrence.
Does that make sense?
And how's that for a run-on sentence?
And did I mention we can't get enough of this little bean of ours?
as if you couldn't tell....