Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bow Wow, Ruff Ruff...

Claire turns FOUR!
(okay, not until Saturday, but we celebrated yesterday!)
She was very specific on what kind of party she wanted.
Not just a puppy party,
but a PRINCESS puppy party.
and that's what she got!!
Each girl was transformed into a puppy,
crown and all.
Then she adopted a puppy,
filled out the adoption certificate and
promised to always treat their puppy like a princess.
Then they took the puppy to the store to pick up a few essentials...
(a ball, doggy dish, blanket, bone (sugar cookie) and some puppy chow (coco puffs)

Then they got to groom their dog,
and then check their vitals at the Vet's office,
Complete with puppy vitamins (skittles).

Who doesn't love to be a dog?? :)

The girls then went to Obedient school...
there we played Doggy says.
The same way you'd play Simon says.

Her cake was the easiest cake I've ever made.
I baked the cake in a round pyrex bowl,
turned it upside down and placed it in a dog bowl,
iced with chocolate and then layered with coco puffs.

In true doggy style there were no forks,
so the girls ate like dogs!
They got a kick out of it, and so did I!

All of our puppy princess'

This was a fun party to plan.
Besides the VERY windy day,
I know Claire had fun!

Happy birthday BEAR!!

And just because she's cute...

Monday, June 20, 2011


Today was a sluggish day!
I woke up tired, I had lots of things to do (as many of you do),
I got around to about 1/4 of my list,
I was a slug,
I went to bed way too late last night...
that's my excuse!

I sent my kids to a neighbors house this afternoon
and was so glad they were out of the house while Lilly slept.
We ordered Pizza for dinner, because I was too lazy to cook.
(I did steam some green extra step, when you're having a lazy day!)
And for Family Home Evening we watched a church movie.
How much lazier can you get, really?
I let Mark brush the kids teeth,
while I laid on the couch holding Lilly.
I swore to myself that as soon as they were in bed, I too was going to bed!
But here I am writing this at 11:30 pm...
what is it about the time after your kids go to sleep, and getting a second wind?
Surely, I'm not the only one, right?
There really isn't much to this post, but the thought of sleep...
I WILL go to bed right after I post this.
Or maybe I'll go wake that baby up and hold her in my arms...
what is it about a sleeping baby???

Happy Father's Day!

*warning-this post is a bit at your own risk...

Sue me, I'm a day late...
but this picture is from today and I LOOOVVVE it!
I'll tell you why...
*The kids (all three of them) love Mark.
It's evident in this picture!
*It captures "every day" life around here
*Lilly has begun to crawl and she gladly showed off her skills by crawling to her dad.
*Claire is naked...what else is new?
*Porter is leaning on his dad. "his best buddy in the whole wide world"

How do you know before you have kids if your husband is going to be a good dad?
(Such a scary thought now that I'm looking back on it),
I got lucky!

Another influential man in my life...
my very own father!
(yes those are fake teeth!)

Lists are not long enough...
simply put
I'm honored to call him dad!

I don't have a picture with my Father-in-law
But I love him dearly too!

The world, my world, is a better place because of these three.
Hope your father's day was as lovely as mine!