Friday, May 6, 2011

Dancing Machine

One night after dinner Porter broke into a dance!
Loved. Every. Second. Of. It


Can't wait to put this on Porter's wedding video! :)

Nine months...

Lilly is now nine months old!
When my kids hit this age it makes me think of how long I carried them;
the same amount of time!
But why then does time go soooo slow when they're inside
of you and speed up the second they come out??!!
Pause please...

We love her to pieces and pieces.
18.10 lbs
28.5 inches

Porter the All-Star...

April 30th has come and gone...
and to anyone else I guess it wouldn't have mattered if it SNOWED almost 2 inches the night before, but at the Maughan household we (mostly ME) were frantic!
Porter was supposed to have his party at the park with eleven of his buddies, but
because of the bipolar weather in Utah
we rushed to transform our basement into an obstacle course!
(I can't say that morning I didn't shed a few tears)
All in all I think it turned out okay...
I've got the pictures to prove it :)

Party details
All the kids got their faces painted and tattos as the "ultimate fan"
And each boy got a water bottle with their name on that they could refill as they pleased
Porter even decorated our walls a bit with his own artwork
We had an obstacle course where each boy had to make a basket, kick a goal, throw a football through a hoola hoop, and putt a golfball into a can. They were all timed...I think the fastest time was 37 seconds! pretty amazing
Then of course we had a pinata...

Birthday boy and cupcakes
(porter's request)
Pretty sure the boys had a great time...
HaPpY bIrThDaY big boy!
With our move to Arizona this fall,
maybe next year Porter will have a POOL party :)