Thursday, August 25, 2011


In July we met Mark's family in Breckenridge, Colorado
For a week of fun...

We rode the gondola up the mountain.
Beautiful views,
we could still see snow!

We hooked ourselves up and did backflip,
after backflip, after backflip,
until we (I) were sick!

We raced down the hill on our sleds,
Porter could've climbed the rock wall ALL day.
(proud momma moment when he reached the top!)

Family pictures

Boat rides.
We couldn't get in the water,
but it was still so much fun to be on a boat
with the wind in our hair!

Hot tubbing

Crafts with the kids.
Making animals out of balloons
Ping pong paddles with balloons
and painting rocks!

Another year of pure fun...
So lucky to be apart of such a wonderful family!
till next year...

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