Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Papa Duff

October 13, 1921 - August 5, 2011
On August 13, 2011 Papa Duff was Laid to Rest
These are my memories of a great man...
First this is my all time favorite picture of Mark and his Grandpa.
Mark was at the airport
about to leave on a two year mission to Portugal in 1999!

-Fast forward to 2002 when I came into the picture

I Loved Mark from almost the day I met him,
The same could definitely be said about his Grandpa!

Mark and I broke up a couple of times
and I heard through the grapevine that his grandpa would say:
"Mark is stupid if he doesn't know what he's got!"
I mean how can you not love that??!

Sunday dinners were a great time to sit around the table listening to him talk.
Often I wish he were still here so that I could just ask him questions...just to hear him talk.
He would say things that I pretended to understand :)
Probably the smartest man ever!

2005- Papa Duff meets Porter Duff for the first time.
I remember him saying "isn't he uncomfortable in those jeans?" :)

2008- Silverado Carnival.
I just love this picture of Nana and Papa and my little kids.
I love Porter's hand on Duff's.
He was never afraid of him,
even though he would growl at the kids if they were getting too loud.

July 2011
Stopping by Silverado one last time before we moved to Arizona
The viewing August 12, 2011
Porter was so excited to be wearing a suite for the first time ever!

Meeting Elder Scott and Elder Cook

"My Dearest Love" Flowers from Grandma to Grandpa
Meeting Elder Holland

We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet
I love Porter's face when he first meets President Monson.
What an amazing spirit in the room that day!

I love that Porter is helping Zach with his tie

Porter helped carry the casket out,
which helped land him a spot in the Deseret news!
To say he was excited is an understatement

At the grave sight

The funeral was AMAZING!
I could've sat and listened for hours more!
There were tears, for sure,
but there was also laughter which made it bearable!

Being at the burial sight was a whole other story.
I couldn't contain myself. The ugly cry came out...
there was something about it being so final!

At the luncheon:
It always blows me away
how many people come together
and offer their services at a time like this!

And last, but certainly not least
I made a little video of Porter and his thoughts about the funeral.
I wanted him to remember the way he felt, and who he met,
and who he was named after, his great heritage!
(warning- it was sort of like pulling teeth!!! but we got some great answers! enjoy!)


Elizabeth said...

that is sooo freaking adorable meghan! I loved everything about it, especially the video at the end :)

Pyatt said...

Meghan...what a sweet post and a priceless video of your little boy!! We have always loved Elder Hanks too. He is the one who called my dad to be a chaplain when I was a little girl. He came over and gave my mother a blessing when my dad was leaving for Japan for 15 months and would call and check on our family!! He is a special man, great teacher and I loved reading your post about him. Thanks for sharing it!

Heather said...

That was the cutest stinkin video ever of little Porter Duff Maughan! i was dying over him saying he could feel his ribs and his excitement over being in the paper! That will be so sweet for him to look back on!

Emily said...

that video was adorable. "How did you feel when you shook his hand?" "I dont know, like a grown up." Priceless video Meghan, what a sweet tribute to Grandpa. Love you!

Annie said...

Grandpa Hanks was an amazing man. He was always so kind to me when I was a kid. You could always feel a great spirit when you were in his presence.

Joe Wiseman

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Anonymous said...

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that is sooo freaking adorable meghan! I loved everything about it, especially the video at the end :)

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